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The modern food industry is a memorable taste, attractive aroma, attractive color of the product. All these objectives are performed by food additives. Food additives are special compounds that are added to foods in the process of production in order to give them certain properties, for example, the aroma you need, the color you need, extend the shelf life, and enhance the taste of the product.


Flavors also apply to food additives. They give the product a certain smell, improve its fragrance. The quality and efficiency of the development of new flavors allows us to lead in almost all flavoring directions.


 Our company sells food flavors for all branches of the food industry.


We can help to give your products a unique taste and aroma, to create for you a wide range of products. To restore taste and aroma that were partially lost during processing. To enhance the natural taste and aroma of the products and rid the products of the unpleasant aftertaste that occurs when you add vitamins, mineral salts and so on.


 Faberon is - stability, quality, reliability, professionalism, innovation and high level of service. 



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