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About company.


Faberon is a diversified company that for more than 20 years has been supplying the Russian market with flavors of the international concern Givaudan, which is the recognized leader in the production of flavor additives.


 Thanks to the accumulated experience of work, flexibility, constant introduction of innovations and professionalism of its employees, the company took a worthy place in the Russian market.


The proposed range of Givaudan flavors is widely used in the food industry. It includes a full range of highly concentrated flavor additives used to enhance the organoleptic properties of products.


Faberon, in cooperation with Givaudan, carries out distribution activities and logistics. In addition, our company has its own production of flavor additives, which allows to provide an individual approach and uniqueness of the products for each client.


Faberon provides a wide range of Givaudan flavors:




• for meat products


• for confectionery products


• for ketchup and sauces


• for dairy products and ice cream


• for tea and coffee


Faberon has its own research and production laboratory to develop new original shades of flavor and aroma compositions that are used in the production of:




• sausages, semi-finished products, meat delicacies


• first and second fast food dishes


• snack products (chips, pellets, crackers, etc.)


• processed cheese


• sauces and ketchups




 Advantages of working with us:


• Quality raw materials


• Direct deliveries


• Competitive prices


• Uniqueness of the products


• Individual approach


• Efficiency in work


 The company's customers are large Russian food producers. Faberon is proud of its customers and creates favorable conditions for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!









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