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Flavoring is a highly-concentrated mixture of fragrances and a solvent, used to give the product a certain taste and smell or its enhancement. The art of creating the flavors is mastered by flavorists that not only reproduce any of your fantasies in the fragrance, but also offer their original vision, taking into account the characteristics of your product, which makes it unique and attractive in the market. More than 1000 names of top notes exist in the Faberon company.


∙ Any success in creating and selecting flavorings depends on the correct task for the flavorist:

∙ It is very important to take into account the wishes of the customer - for which product, taste profile, natural or identical, cost;

∙ features of the technical process - the form (dry, liquid) and the solubility of the flavoring (oil-soluble, water-soluble), because all this affects the uniformity of spreading in the product, technological process and storage stability. It is also necessary to take into account the solvent (carrier) in the production of flavoring. For high-fat products we recommend oil-soluble flavors on a fat-soluble carrier (vegetable oils, propylene glycol). And for low-fat products requires the aromatization of not only the fatty, but also the water phase, so in that case we choose water-soluble flavorings (on triacetin).


When flavoring meat products, tasting in the finished product is carried out on the second or third day after production, when there is the full disclosure of the flavoring. If on the tasting the taste of the product is not sufficiently expressed, you should increase the concentration of the flavor by 20-30%. If the product has bitter or synthetic notes, you should reduce the dosage of flavoring by 10-20%. These recommendations refer to raw materials with no signs of spoilage.

∙ The dosage of the flavoring depends on the concentration of aromatics, the characteristics of the product. When calculating the cost of the finished product, it should be considered that the flavoring tab is rather small- 0.1%, so the cost of the flavoring does not lead to a strong rise in price of the final product.


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